Pipe Repair Product Inspections

Pipe Repair Product Inspections

Pipe Repair Inspection & Assessment Solutions

Pipe testing and material inspections are common technical tests requested by clients. We provide extensive testing solutions and services to properly evaluate a variety of metrics for measuring pipe repair products.

HydraTech’s laboratory can be utilized as a resource for analyzing a multitude of different aspects that make up the integrity of your pipe repair products. Our laboratory technicians measure and inspect piping and piping materials in accordance with ASTM standards to ensure that the items are compliant.

Through the cooperation of independent, certified laboratories and universities, HydraTech offers a complete and comprehensive solution for all clients’ inspection needs.

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Pipe Repair Products Inspections & Assessments

HydraTech’s laboratories offer extensive technical inspections and assessments to determine the quality and features of pipe repair products. Our technical experts assess against ASTM standards to ensure every measurement of the product’s properties is met. We provide laboratory assesments of the following technical areas:

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 Tensile Assessment

HydraTech’s testing laboratory performs tensile testing to evaluate the properties of the piping material, determining if the properties are appropriate for the product’s intended use. Our tensile testing laboratory can provide measurements in the following categories:

– Tensile Strength
– Tensile Reduction
– Yield Strength
– Elongation Percentage


Tear Assessment

Tear testing performed at HydraTech’s laboratories is an effective way to determine the fracture toughness of piping material. This test can measure the material properties of the object which, in result, helps to identify how resistant the object is to tearing.


Adhesion Assessment

Technical testing adhesion at HydraTech’s laboratory is utilized to determine how much adhesion a pipe repair product exerts before the adhesion wears down. This test is important for determining the strength of the pipe repair product before applying it to your system.


Impact Assessment

HydraTech’s laboratories can perform impact testing to identify how much force it would require for the pipe repair material to be deemed ineffective. This testing is often used as a way to measure the collision damage that the object can withstand before breaking away from the piping.


Flash Point Assessment

Flash point testing at HydraTech’s laboratories grants access to the knowledge of the flammability of a pipe repair product that contains petroleum. This method of testing provides insight into how flammable an object is, if at all.


Elongation Assessment

The elongation testing performed at HydraTech’s laboratory consists of measuring the ductility of the piping material. This test is evaluated by performing a tension test against the material and analyzing the elongation that occurred as a result of the applied tension.


Flex Assessment

HydraTech’s flex testing procedure is a method that determines how pliable the piping or piping repair material is. The objective when performing this technical test is to identify the flexibility of the object before it breaks.


Hardness Assessment

Hardness testing is used as a method for determining the density of the pipe repair material. Identifying how firm the material you are applying to your piping is can help identify how rigid or stiff the object is against your pipes.


Thermal Cycling Assessment

HydraTech’s thermal cycling testing is commonly used to measure the amount of leakage that occurs after the application of pipe fittings. To do this, the pipe fitting is subjected to timed cycling intervals, while also applying internal pressure.


Chemical Resistance Assessment

HydraTech provides extensive chemical resistance testing, which is commonly used to evaluate the variations of chemical behavior due to changes in temperature, pressure, and concentrations.


Abrasion Assessment

Abrasion testing is a method of determining how much wear occurs on pipe repair materials over intervals of time. This is a tool for measuring the longevity of a pipe repair product before it can no longer be utilized.

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