HydraTech Articles

HydraTech Articles

Read in-depth articles that showcase our top-of-the-line pipe repair products, featured in articles all over the country. Our attention to detail, focus on quality, and certified manufacturing process has built HydraTech into an industry leader within the pipe repair & sealing industry.

These articles will provide insight into why HydraTech products stand out from the competition and provide a solution that doesn’t fail. To learn more about our HydraTech products, you can visit our pipe repair products page.

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    HydraTech Pipe Repair Product Articles


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    Mechanical Seals for Conduit Repair, Page 18

    August, 2017

    Mechanical seals have been used for more than 30 years to repair pipe joints, strengthen weak joints, bridge localized cracks or deteriorated sections, seal off abandoned laterals, and seal the ends of a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner.

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    Newest Article

    HydraWrap: not Just a Temporary Repair Anymore

    September, 2014

    Many vessel operators that experience leaks to piping, pipe fittings, and bulkheads have, in recent years, turned to the HydraWrap system. Used to repair leaking pipe systems and prevent downtime, the HydraWrap system, manufactured by HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC in Cincinnati, OH, utilizes high strength carbon fiber fabric and high strength…

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